Participating Companies/Sponsors

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ABB Turbocharging is a technology and market leader in the manufacture and maintenance of turbochargers for 500 kW to 80+ MW diesel and gas engines.

Our turbocharging technologies increase a turbocharger's efficiency, reduce fuel consumption even further and increase service intervals. Research and development are at the heart of all that we do, so that we create solutions that really matter and make a positive, tangible difference in our customers' businesses.

With 100+ ABB-owned Service Stations worldwide and 200,000+ ABB turbochargers in operation across the globe on ships, power stations, gen-sets, diesel locomotives and large, off-highway vehicles, ABB Turbocharging is committed to:

• Building the best turbochargers in the business.

• Assisting customers to maintain those turbochargers in peak condition and at optimum performance throughout their entire lifecycle.

ABB SA is the only official representative for Greece and Cyprus of ABB Turbo Systems Ltd. Our ABB Turbocharging Service Station in Skaramagkas offers Original Products and the best Original Service in repair and maintenance for turbochargers on diesel and gas engines. Our qualified technicians and customer support staff are ready to help you 24/7 and can give you the fastest, most reliable product support available anywhere, anytime.


BMT SMART is the specialist Fleet and Vessel performance monitoring company within BMT Group, the leading name in global marine consultancy.

Our SMART FLEET management system allows you to check your fleet performance in an instant with Fleet view and focus on the vessels that really matter. The Vessel view highlights the reasons for changes in performance be they linked to the vessel itself (hull, propeller and engine condition), the operation (trim, speed profile and routing) or weather conditions (wind, waves, current, swell, etc.)

• Cost-effective Fleet Performance Management

• Significant time savings both on-board and ashore

• Manage the Performance of your whole fleet, whether using automated data or simply noon reports

• Visualise weather impact on forecast vessel performance (predicted power, fuel consumption and RPM)

Ensure the voyages remain “on budget” and “on schedule”

• Generate up to date speed-fuel curves for specific weather conditions 

Flexible, concise and future proofed data collection for emissions reporting including EEOI, ECA, MRV



DESMI Ocean Guard


DESMI Ocean Guard develops and sells ballast water treatment systems for the removal of living organisms from ships' ballast water. The company has developed the IMO type approved ballast water treatment system RayCleanTM, which is based on filtration and UV. The RayClean system has been selected by customers all over the world, including MAERSK, COSCO, Irving Shipbuilding, Wisby Tankers, Nordana and others.

The mission of DESMI Ocean Guard is to:

Develop, manufacture and sell IMO and USCG certified BWTS that reliably meet the IMO and USCG discharge standards, with the lowest total cost of ownership. Provide efficient worldwide support through the global DESMI organization and our partners - all the way from engineering and planning of installation of systems, to commissioning and service of systems in operation.

DESMI A/, who fully owns DESMI Ocean Guard, celebrated the company's 180th anniversary in 2014 and is one of the oldest companies in Denmark. The mission of DESMI A/S is to develop, manufacture, sell and service pumps and pumping systems, environmental equipment and special products related to these areas.

DESMI A/S operates globally in sale and sourcing of components. Sales are done both directly and through wholly or partly owned companies, agents, and distributors.


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Marorka is the leading global provider of operational performance solutions and data-driven energy management for the international maritime industry. We enable our customers to reduce fuel consumption, cut emissions and increase fleet performance. Our data-driven systems can lead to significant financial savings.

Marorka’s combined onboard/onshore systems have been installed on more than 600 vessels and Marorka is recognized as the leading provider of energy management solutions.

At Marorka we deliver excellence in international maritime efficiency with data-driven analytics.

Focusing on:

• Emission reduction and fuel savings

• Compliance and reporting

• Performance optimization and asset security

Our headquarters are in Reykjavik, Iceland, and we have offices in Germany, Singapore, and The United Arab Emirates.



Shell MarineShell Marine logo

Shell Marine is a global business that supplies lubricants and technical support services to the international marine industry. Its main offices are in Singapore, London, Shanghai, and Houston and Hamburg, where its Marine & Power Innovation Centre (MPIC) is also located.  Shell has been in the forefront of marine technology for over a century and has developed industry-changing products and services that have pushed the technology envelope in marine lubrication.  

The company has an extensive portfolio of application-based lubricants, each designed to address the specific challenge of achieving optimum performance. Its marine lubricants are available is in over 700 ports across 59 countries.  From diesel-engine cylinder oils to specialist greases, these are produced via a global network of over40 lubricant blending plants and over 10,000 vessels currently use Shell Marine products.

Shell as a group has been the largest investor in research and development among the international oil and gas companies on a cumulative basis since 2007. Shell Projects and Technology employs more than 14,000 technical experts devoted to developing innovative products, including a dedicated team of experienced scientists and technical experts at our Marine Power and Innovation Centre in Hamburg, Germany. Shell has been undertaking lubrication research continuously since 1940.